Integrity, Commitment, Compassion

Our Mission:

At RS Accounting & Tax Services, we are committed to helping our clients achieve their financial goals. By listening to our clients, we provide a unique one-on-one experience. As a team our goal is to deliver high quality service while giving back to the community.

The       Team

We are a friendly and professional team of 11 women with Reesa Spitman (RS) affectionately known as our Queen Bee! Fun fact: we have shirts made up that read "Queen Bee Workers"! We may be a small team but we're mighty worker bees and have the same capabilities and expertise as the big firms!

Queen Bee Reesa is a respected and expert accountant who began originally in an office based out of Caledonia. When she made the move here to Cayuga, most of her clients followed! She is a trusted and valuable professional who is recognized for her compassion, extraordinary level of care and attention to detail. Over her years in the accounting profession she has enjoyed completing tax work for generations of many different families and assisted many small businesses that continue to be successful and thriving.


We Must Also Introduce You to Riley!

As the one and only male office member, Riley is our beloved and furry 'Office King'. 


Riley was a stray who showed up at Reesa’s house badly in need of emergency Vet care. After she had him looked after and it was clear he needed a forever home, it was put towards the staff the idea of having an office cat... How could we resist?


Our Office King is now living his best life and the office is his home 24/7. During the day, he seems to sense when someone needs a little stress relief and will plant himself in the middle of their work for some brief intermittent cuddle time! He enjoys when the office gets busy and often runs out to greet our clients. Whenever Reesa calls a staff meeting, you can count on Riley to be there too, at the centre of attention, after-all he IS part of our team!


In Our Community


All of us at RS Accounting & Tax Services like to be thought of as an extension of your business, a part of your team. But did you know we are part of your community too?!


We are heavily involved around town and our staff enjoy volunteering throughout the year. Reesa is past president of the Cayuga Chamber of Commerce and remains on the Executive committee along with 2 other staff members. You can find our staff lending a helping hand at Cayuga Clean Up and Light Up Night. We have established a community outreach fund that we are proud to attend to throughout the year. October sees us fundraising for Breast Cancer awareness. At Christmas we donate to the toy drive, food bank and the last 2 years have adopted a local family and bought gifts for Christmas day.


The office isn't always about business. We enjoy coming together to assist the community we are based in. This is what gives us our 'small firm personality'!