JANUARY 5, 2022


Worried about the new lockdowns?  Worried about having to stay home with your school aged children?

The new benefits available through the government are as follows:

Sickness Benefit (still available as before)

- apply through Service Canada (EI)

- if you have been paying into EI, and have 420 insurable earnings on the supplied ROE.

- you need a medical certificate to prove you are in need of sickness pay

- only available for 15 weeks

Canada Recovery Sickness Benefit

- apply through your MyAccount

- if you have at least $5,000 in 2019/2020/2021 or the 12 months prior to date of claim

- must be sick with or isolating due to Covid (but not isolating due to Travel)

- only available for 6 weeks total

Canada Recovery Caregiving Benefit 

- apply though MyAccount

-if you are caring for someone sick with Covid, or have to stay home from work due to your children not being able to go to school (if your child is 12 and under)

-only available for 1 person per household

- only available for 44 weeks


Canada Worker Lockdown Benefit

-apply through MyAccount

- if your place of employment is locked down due to Covid restrictions

- no maximum time frame.

For Businesses:

There is still Wage subsidy available (baseline for eligibility is stricter than earlier periods)

Also there is a new benefit for Tourist industry 

Will post more as I receive information